Switch Things Up With The Nintendo DIY Cardboard Piano

With daily NAMM news flooding our collective news feeds it’s all the more unexpected to see a new piano announced, especially when it’s made of cardboard…

cardboard piano

So where did this originate? Well, Nintendo has just launched ‘Nintendo Labo’, a new concept of “interactive build-and-play experiences.” These experiences involve building cardboard ‘Toy-Cons’ by following on-screen instructions through your Switch. You can then use the consoles Joy-Cons and transform your creations into something to play with.


With a proposed build time of just a couple of hours, the cardboard piano is assembled by folding pieces of cardboard to construct the body and even the keys. Things get really interesting when you find out that the cameras in the Joy-Cons are used to detect the reflective tape attached to the keys, which they then use to work out which note needs to be played on the console. The cardboard piano even comes with some knobs to tweak the tone and add effects.

Whilst the intended demographic is kids, this is by no means unsuitable for adults. Hell, we’re thinking of building one in the office! Plus, with the Korg Gadget due out on the Switch in the next couple of months, there’s never been a better time to get a little musical with the console.

Pricing and Availability:
The cardboard piano Toy-Con is packaged with the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, which is due out in April and will cost $69.99. For further information head to Nintendo’s website.