No Man’s Sky update lets you create your own tunes in-game

    Have the developers just made DAW inside a game?

    No Man’s Sky 2.24 introduces ByteBeat, a synthesiser and sequencer that lets players create beats inside the game. The in-game device features an envelope editor, drum machine, arpeggiator, waveform editor with randomisation. Multiple devices can be linked to create an ensemble of synthesised sounds, with synchronisation to keep them in unison.

    Admittedly, the demo above doesn’t exhibit sonically complex or impressive compositions, although this is only day one of its release. With the ability to share your music once created, no doubt players will find ways to break boundaries and get creative to create beats that will blow listeners away. After all, way back in the days of Playstation 1, Dizzee Rascal created tracks of his debut album on Music 2000, a basic sequencer in the form of a video game.

    Players of No Man’s Sky simply need to update to the new version to take advantage of the new musical possibilities.


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