Clavia Nord Drum II Synthesiser and Nord Pad Announced

Clavia have today announced the brand new Nord 2 Drum 2 Modelling Precision Synthesiser and the Nord Pad, an exciting new drum synthesiser and responsive multi-pad, check out Clavia’s press release for the Nord Drum II below:

The Nord Drum 2 is a 6-channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer that combines the playability of real percussion with unique and powerful sound creation possibilities! Create and play anything from classic analog drum machine sounds and 80’s disco toms to mind-blowing realistic percussion sounds you’ve never heard before. The Nord Drum 2 sound engine features Resonance modeling, Subtractive and FM-synthesis in addition to a comprehensive Noise section with High-Pass, Low-pass and Band-Pass filters and offers an extreme level of control over the dynamic response. Each of the channels can be roughened up with a sample rate reducing Crush effect or non-linear distortion.


The 6 generic trigger inputs can be used with both electronic drum pads and acoustic trigger mics. Nord Drum 2 can be played with MIDI-pads or be controlled from a MIDI sequencer. The MIDI out lets the Nord Drum 2 double as a Trigger-to-MIDI inteface.

The new Nord Pad is a compact, super responsive multi-pad that connects easily to the Nord Drum 2 with a single Ethernet-cable. The Nord Pad is available as an optional accessory.

The Nord Drum 2 and the Nord Pad will be previewed at the Frankfurt Musikmesse April 10-13th.

Key features

6-channel drum synthesizer

Resonance modeling,  Subtractive- and FM-synthesis


6 generic trigger inputs

Dedicated Nord Pad input with support for separate Kick trigger/pad.

MIDI in/out with CC control

Stereo output, with pan control

Headphones output


Suggested Street Price:

Nord Drum 2:  499 EURO

Nord Pad: 259 EURO

The Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad are shipping in May 2013.