Nouveau Collection for Reaktor 6 Gets Update

Matthew Friedrichs has created the Nouveau Collection, which compiles over 60 Reaktor 6 blocks and it’s available for free…


Designed to appeal to modular synth junkies and sound designers alike this free collection should have a little something for everyone.


“Many of these blocks have become staples in the work-flow of sound designers around the world. There are over sixty blocks, but some fan favourites are the Vodka filter, Maybelouge oscillator, 64-step sequencer, EPS filter, Opera FM oscillator and Mathematical modulator.”

With this newest update to the collection comes granular processing, a feature many have been waiting for, which introduces three blocks designed to allow the user to get closer to granular synthesis than ever before. Listen to the audio demo below to hear it in action.

Also included is an updated Neon display allowing the user to line up the draw bands with the mouse and can be used as a static filter bank, EQ, formant filter and harmonic distorter.

Download the Nouveau Collection here and if you’d like to donate you can do so here.