Novation Circuit Receives Components Update

Novation have today unveiled a massive new update to their very cool Circuit music making controller. This new update adds long awaited sample import features, synth editor, session librarian and firmware updates. Read on for more info…

Press Release
The first instalments of new software and features for Circuit – including Sample Import, Synth Editor, Session Librarian and Firmware Update.


Circuit is our inspirational grid-based groove box. Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer in a standalone box that will have you making electronic music in minutes.

Circuit Components is suite of tools expanding Circuit giving you all you need to design, create and customise your own unique instrument.

Sample Import
Simply drag and drop samples onto Circuit and create your own pallet of sounds to sculpt, shape, sequence and perform.

Your Samples on Circuit
You have 60 seconds of space (you’re welcome) across 64 slots; use it for drums, one-shots, clicks, pops or bangs. Or chords, samples and synth stabs. Anything short and sweet.

Anything Goes
Any MP3 or WAV; Sample Import will automatically convert your collection to be Circuit friendly upon upload.


Create Sample Packs and Share
Sample Import exports too. Create your collections and save all 64 sounds as a single file. Keep as a backup or share with your friends, it’s all yours.

The Editor
Design complex patches from the comfort of your computer and then unplug for the ultimate standalone workflow.

Full, Unadulterated Access to Circuit’s Nova Heritage
Access every synth parameter of Circuit’s two powerful polysynths. With a little help from us, our close friends at Isotonik Studios have created a comprehensive synth editor, putting everything in your control.

Mix up your Macros
Along with access to all synth parameters on the fly, you can customise Circuit’s eight macro control knobs patch by patch.

Editing for Everyone
You’ve possibly seen this in public beta as a Max4Live plugin, but now you don’t need Live Suite and you don’t need a Mac. Tweaked, refined, and souped-up just a little bit, Circuit Editor’s official public release now runs standalone too, on PC or Mac.

Share your Patches
Not content with keeping your sound design and synthesis skills to yourself? Circuit Editor allows you to save your patches to your computer. Lock them away in secret folder or share them with friends (or just with the Circuit Owners Group on Facebook) – it’s up to you. Make sure the people you’re sharing with have the editor too, though. It’s free.

The Librarian
Need backup? – Back up all of Circuit’s 32 sessions to the cloud for the ultimate peace of mind and recall sessions in seconds from anywhere.
Now you can free up some space and make 32 more sessions worth of tunes, beats and tracks.

The Firmware
To use these Circuit Components, you’ll need the latest firmware: Circuit v1.2 unlocks compatibility, along with the usual bug fixes, new features; some user requests, and a few of our own ideas.

Play with Other Controllers
· Record MIDI notes from external instruments plugged into Circuit: either chromatically, or tuned depending on your choice of key and scale.
· Manipulate Circuit’s macro controls from an external MIDI controller and record as automation. You can even use your iPad.

Play with Ableton
· Automatically sync Circuit up with Live and easily record MIDI from your session – in tempo, in time, in key – with just a few clicks. You can even record your MIDI tracks from Ableton in one key and change it later in two button presses onboard Circuit.

Momentary Record
· Hold record, punch in and overdub notes or macros without losing your flow – or accidentally breaking your existing work.

Step Edit
·Even easier step-by-step automation: have a different pitch on your drums for each hit. Add FX to one note in a sequence. With the potential for a different sound on every step for every track, you don’t need to do the maths to know that adds up to unimaginable potential – for deliberate creativity or happy accidents.

External Preset Select
· Remotely switch the sound of either of Circuit’s two synths on the fly using MIDI program change messages. Remotely switch the sound of any of Circuit’s four drums on the fly using MIDI CC messages. From any MIDI source.

About Circuit Components
Within days of it landing in public hands, it became clear that Circuit wasn’t just inspirational for making music. It seems as though everybody who gets hold of Circuit has something to say about what it could be – as well as how great it already is, of course.

These ideas, coming in through email, Facebook, even over the phone to our support team, are the direct inspiration for Circuit Components.

So perhaps what we’re suggesting is: if you want to know what’s coming next, ask the users.