Novation Unveil The MoroderNova

In some exciting news we’ve been sitting on for quite some time, Novation have unveiled the MoroderNova, this limited edition synth is a collaboration with the iconic producer and sound designer which came about due to Giorgio Moroder’s preference for the MiniNova, which he uses across the world for live performance and recording purposes. The MoroderNova is the first synth with Moroder’s official stamp and are being offered as a limited numbered edition of 500 models. Read on for more info…

Press Release


Electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder joins forces with Novation to release limited edition synthesiser

Over an incredible five-decade career, Giorgio Moroder has been nothing less than a beacon of influence in electronic music. Thanks to his pioneering work in the mid-70s with Donna Summer, among others, disco simply wouldn’t sound the same. In the ’80s, his blisteringly modern approach to producing the unforgettable soundtracks to movies including Scarface, Top Gun and Flashdance – using the synthesiser as his main instrument – captivated an entire generation of movie fans.

More recently, Moroder has shot back into the popular consciousness, thanks to a universally acclaimed collaboration with Daft Punk in 2013, and his 2015 album Déjà Vu, which features Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Sia as guest artists.

It’s his fascination with electronic sounds that is at the heart of his collaboration with Novation. Giorgio Moroder is nothing less than a god in the synth world: he’s been responsible for creating some of the most recognisable sounds across numerous genres. The collaboration with Novation came about after Giorgio fell in love with the Novation MiniNova, taking it on tour all over the world.

With MoroderNova, Novation and Giorgio Moroder have made a piece of synth history. Not only is it Novation’s first signature model, it’s the first and only synth with Giorgio’s name on it. What’s more, there are only 500 of them, each numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.



Instantly-rare, the MoroderNova is a signature digital synthesiser which pays homage to Giorgio Moroder.

Branded with Giorgio’s ‘moustache and shades’ insignia, and with a distinctive silver/black colourway, the unit is a stand-out piece of synth heritage.

The signature sounds identify some of Giorgio’s most seminal moments in music. From the timbres of his disco classics with bands such as Sparks and Donna Summer, to the incredible sounds of the Top Gun and Scarface soundtracks, and his recent work with Daft Punk, Novation’s sound designers have matched each and every one to the original. With access to these you’ll be able to draw inspiration from the works of one of the most influential producers alive today.

Limited edition, numbered one of 500 units with certificate of authenticity.

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