OceanSwift unveils the Polyphenom Hybrid Synth

It’s an “immersive polyphonic additive-subtractive hybrid”, according to the brand.

oceanswift polyphenom

OceanSwift has released the Polyphenom, an advanced hybrid synthesiser with a tonne of features to enhance your sound.


The virtual instrument is built around a core synthesis chain of a harmonic oscillator with 16 clean additive partials that control frequency, panning and modulated volume, and two raw analogue-style subtractive oscillators with ring modulation. It also has unison and pitch modulators for the entire oscillator section.

You’ll be able to apply FM on the additive harmonics, all while modulating the signal itself. Elsewhere, it has a low-pass filter that comes with dedicated envelope and LFO modulators. This filter also features inverse modulation for an interesting stereo filtering effect.

As if all of this isn’t enough, there’s also a whole bunch of built-in effects: panner, phaser, delay, chorus, reverb and Crusher.

Watch the brand’s intro here:

Listen to the demos here:


Available as a standalone or VST plug-in. On sale for €40 (RRP €60). More information at oceanswift.net.