One Thing: Find Inspiration with Ableton’s new series of shorts

If you’re currently in the grips of writer’s block you may find inspiration in Ableton’s One Thing; a new series of shorts on breaking out of your creative rut…

one thing

The series features a diverse range of producers, engineers and musicians with each short focusing on a different aspect of music creation whether that is ‘Exploring Noise’ with Kyoka, ‘Shifting loops’ with Mike Parvizi or ‘Building Scales’ with John Kameel Farah.


The core concept to One Thing is leaving your comfort zone and discovering sounds and styles that you may never have considered.

We recommend you check out each and every one of them. They may not all resonate with you, but you’re sure to discover a nugget of wisdom and even some new music along the way.

One Thing is available to watch here and you can check out Astronautica’s short below.