“Hear the Sound of a New Century” with the Particle Collider SX7

Speculating on the sounds of the future is a thing of the past according to Eplex 7 DSP with the arrival of the Particle Collider SX7, their new “scientific hybrid synthesizer” that welcomes you to “hear the sound of a new century”…

particle collider sx7

Featuring a wavetable oscillator that allows you to load external waveforms, a re-synthesisator, a morpher engine with filter, a Glitch X Buffer and a time tunnel effect it certainly has an air of the futuristic to it. But what can you actually do with it?


Well, we’re told that its uses shouldn’t be limited by musical style thanks to a healthy dose of modern FX sounds and atmosphere. From pystrance, video games, film music, EDM, experimental and industrial, Eplex 7 DSP believe that there’s a little something for everyone.

Particle Collider SX7 is available as a Windows VST plugin for the introductory price of €28.90 (usually €59.90). You can buy it here where further details and a downloadable demo can also be found.

Hear it for yourself below.