Patch Base update adds Roland JD-Xi Editor

Patch Base users that have updated to version 2.4 can now enjoy a fully-featured program/patch editor for the Roland JD-Xi, bringing the number of supported synths in Patch Base up to 30…

Roland JD-Xi

Here’s what Patch Base has to say.


This new editor is the most complex yet in the Patch Base collection, including support for the JD-Xi’s 2 digital synths, analog monosynth, sample-based drum machine, and on-board effects and mixing.

The hundreds of parameters that the JD-Xi uses are all here, allowing for a sound design experience far beyond what’s available using the JD-Xi’s built-in controls (unless you enjoy hours of menu diving!). All of this control is achieved via a 5-page layout for the editor. In addition to the individual controls, many aspects of your patches can be copied, pasted, and randomized. And as always, Patch Base allows you to store and organize these sounds on your iPad for later use, backup, and sharing.

Patch Base on iOS is free to download here, offering limited use of its synth library with In-App purchases unlocking full synths. For the next couple of days the Roland JD-Xi add-on can be purchased for 50% off.

For details and specs head to the Patch Base site here.