Make The Perfect Soundtrack With Soundwhich’s Musical Ingredients

Creating a specific soundtrack used to be an expensive affair, but could well be a thing of the past with Soundwhich; a new online service that offers high-quality “musical ingredients” for a fraction of the price…


Creating your perfect soundtrack is as easy as listing your ingredients, says Soundwhich, who make no effort to cover their musical slant on sandwich. We’re told it’s as simple as saying “R&B vocal, funky guitar, retro bass and reggae beat.” All sounds have been pre-recorded by musicians from around the world and best of all can be browsed for free.


Payment only comes when you’ve chosen your musical parts, all of which are free to reuse again and again in the future. Each sample is perfectly synchronised with its siblings from start to finish allowing for bigger and better arrangements for your project.

Ingredients can be searched for by price as well as genre/feel, ranging from $0 to $50 (or more). There’s also a three tier system to make searching a little easier too:

  • Lite – best for non-commercial use
  • Standard – recommended for commercial use and applies x2 to price with a cap
  • Premium – unlocks all commercial use cases with an x5 factor

Check out Soundwhich now and who knows, maybe you’ll be creating your perfect soundtrack.