Plugin Boutique adds new features to Scaler with version 1.2

Plugin Boutique has announced Scaler 1.2, the latest update to its scale and chord software that adds a host of new features to explore…


Not too long ago we reviewed the original iteration of Scaler (read it here) and were impressed by its intuitive design and ability to help break through creative block. Now, with the arrival of v1.2, Scaler has the potential to become an even more useful songwriting tool.

v1.2 new features include:

  • Humanise velocities: velocity of each note within chords is randomised to provide a more natural playing style.
  • Midi Export Length: select length of MIDI notes for export and drag and drop.
  • Progression builder now handles up to 16 chords.
  • Chord progressions in the progression builder can be played to the tempo of your DAW.
  • New ChordSets: Classical (8) K-Pop / J-Pop (6) Neo Soul (6)
  • New Scales (11)
    • Lydian augmented scale
    • Acoustic scale
    • Major Locrian scale
    • Ukrainian Dorian scale
    • Hungarian gipsy scale
    • Melodic minor scale (asc)
    • Half-diminished scale
    • Phrygian dominant scale
    • Persian scale
    • Neapolitan major scale
    • Neapolitan minor scale

Pricing and Availability:
Scaler is available now for £39.95/$49/€49. Scaler 1.2 is available as a free update for registered Scaler owners. For further information head to the product page.