Free Plugin from Point Blank

In Point Blank’s latest spot on they offer a free plugin! 

We all know that these days, most DAWs come bundled with incredibly powerful timestretching tools. Even five years ago, dropping a track by 10bpm resulted in a noticeable drop in audio quality – now, it can be almost invisible. And while this is good for remixing and working with ideas, sometimes we miss the old digital artefacts introduced by timestretchers of days gone by. Introducing the Monster Timestretch from our course tutor Daniel Herbert.


“The new Max for Live device from Point Blank is a timestretching plugin based on a technique known as phase vocoding and can time stretch sounds in realtime. It’s similar to the fantastic Paul Stretch and is ideal for creating slowly evolving drone-like textures as well as more futuristic sounds. There are four different modes which allow you to play through and explore the sound in a variety of ways and literally freeze the sound.

The plugin is limited to processing the first 30 seconds of an audio file and only works within Ableton as a M4L device and will not play in any other DAW. We recommend you use resampling if you need to record the effect to a new audio file.”

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