Point Blank X Waves Audio tutorial: Mixing in the Box Masterclass

Learn how to create flawless mixes on your laptop with Point Blank lecturer, JC Concato

To celebrate their new partnership, Point Blank and Waves Audio have created a series of masterclasses that focus on techniques to get the most out of your music projects.

The first video in the series is hosted by Point Blank Music School’s Creative Director, JC Concato, also a professional Sound Engineer in the music industry. He’s worked with the likes of Björk, Us3 and The Cure. In the masterclass, JC uses Waved Audio plug-ins to demonstrate how he achieves the oft desired analogue sound in-the-box. Included in his arsenal is NLS Summing, Kramer Master Tape, Abbey Road Chambers and more.

For example purposes, JC uses a collaborative student project file from Point Blank’s Music Production & Sound Engineering degree. “For part of this course, their students were given the opportunity to re-create the 90s Massive Attack classic, Unfinished Sympathy, recording the live elements in a live studio environment”, Point Blank says. JC uses the string sections of the tracks to show the techniques he used to replicate the sound of Abbey Road studios using Waves Audio’s Abbey Road Chambers plugin and others.


Following the brand’s partnership, Point Blank students are now entitled to an exclusive 35% discount on Waves Audio’s plug-ins.

Point Blank is an award-winning music school with courses in London, Los Angeles, Ibiza, China, Mumbai and Online. You can learn more at pointblankmusicschool.com

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