Pop Audio’s Redesigned Pop Filter

Pop Audio have unveiled a newly designed pop filter, completely redesigned from the ground up for modern day audio recording. Read on for more details…

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The next generation pop filter was unveiled at Musikmesse this April, redesigned from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of modern day audio recording. And now, it’s available in the UK.

Pop filters have long been a frustrating but necessary tool in the studio. Drooping arms, weak and clunky clasps and unhygienic filters are just some of the common complaints from engineers, producers and singers.

This is all about to change with the launch of Pop Audio’s debut product, which comes complete with a quick release clamp, a heavy-duty adjustable arm and a range of interchangeable and replaceable filters. No longer will you have to worry about a drooping pop filter hindering your perfect vocal sound.

Co-creator Jonathan Hucks said: “We had the idea when we were chatting about work and studio gear that’s just not good enough. Neither of us knew of a Pop Filter that always stayed in place and did a great job.”

Irked that pros, aspiring audio engineers, and musicians were stuck with a fairly average product offering little variety, Hucks and his business partner John Metcalfe set about designing a pop filter that not only solved that common drooping issue, but also offered a variety of different quick release filters for the many different environments and situations that music creators work in.


Co-creator Metcalfe said: “The acoustic transparency across the entire range of filters is extremely high, something we focused on from the very beginning of the design process.” You now have the choice between an interchangeable metal, foam or fabric filter.

The fabric filter is the reliable all rounder which is ideal for most recording environments, the metal filter is hard wearing and perfect for life on the road, whilst the foam filter provides absolute acoustic transparency.

The arm’s removable filter attachment point also enables filters to be screwed directly onto a microphone stand.

Pop Audio was inspired by heavy industry, where stability is key, so the arm allows unprecedented levels of adjustment and is extremely stable with absolutely no movement once it’s in position.

The arm is also fitted with a quick release clamp, which dramatically reduces set up time. Now users can just clip it straight on to a microphone stand and record.

Synthax Audio UK has been announced as the Pop Audio distributor, and the full range of products will be available in the UK in May.

Pop Audio – The pop filter, reimagined.

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