PreSonus FaderPort8 Mix Production Controller Now Available

PreSonus is delighted to announce that their new compact FaderPort8 Mix Production Controller, which we first glimpsed back in September, is now available…


So what do you get with the FaderPort 8? Well it connects via USB 2.0, promising precise control over your favourite DAW’s mix and automation functions, including complete transport control. Then there are the 8 touch-sensitive, motorized, 100 mm faders and 57 buttons that cover 78 different functions. This means whether it’s a quick zoom in on audio files for editing, adjusting click-track tempo with a simple tap, modifying plug-in parameters, managing aux mixes or controlling track levels all that’s required is the touch of a finger.


The unique Session Navigator promises a streamlined workflow, whilst dedicated buttons allow for the instant arming of all tracks for recording, controlling mutes and Solo Clear, viewing just the tracks, buses, VCAs and more. In addition to this four programmable User buttons allow for quick and easy access to your favourite functions.

On top of these features the FaderPort 8’s support for the Mackie Control and HUI protocols makes it compatible with almost any DAW, meaning there’s no need for driver installation, just plug into the USB port and go.

There’s a wealth of features we’ve not touched on so would highly recommend you head to the product page here for a full list of specs and features.

FaderPort 8 is available now for £509 through Gear4Music, though if you’re looking to buy through a local retailer you’ll need to consult them on the price.