PreSonus launches two microphones they say could be the core of your collection

    The PX-1 and PM-2 are designed to be suitable for a wide variety of recording applications

    If you are looking to expand on your microphone selection with a few affordable condensers, PreSonus reckon they’ve got the perfect solution. The PX-1 and PM-2 are suitable for a “wide variety of recording applications”, PreSonus says. While the PX-1 boats a large diaphragm, the PM-2 is a pair of small-diaphragm mics, with both models sporting a cardioid polar response pattern.

    The PX-1 is designed to be a solution for your vocal, guitar and podcast recordings. It features a 25mm gold-sputtered capsule, which PreSonus claim can provide “exceptional clarity throughout its frequency response range”. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 18kHz, and its maker claims it also offers sound pressure level (SPL) handling of up to 135dB. Its rugged design and low cost will appeal to production newcomers and anyone on a budget.

    PreSonus’ new dynamic duo, the PM-2, is a pair of sonically matched cardioid condenser microphones, each equipped with a 19mm gold-sputtered capsule. The PM-2 is well suited to stereo recording situations, such as drum overheads, ensembles and more. A stereo bar is included too for easy XY placement.


    Both microphones are shipping now. The PX-1 is available from $129.95, and the PM-2 is available for $129.95 as well. Find out more at



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