Prime Loops joins Splice Sounds, sample service now has 2000 packs and 700k samples

Splice Sounds have announced a new provider to their ever growing platform – Prime Loops. This addition make Splice Sounds able to offer content from over 30 top tier labels across 2000 sample packs and 700,000 individual sounds. Read on for more info…

Press Release


Splice Sounds, the brand new sample subscription service allowing users to pick and choose samples from a massive catalog, is announcing the addition of another major provider to their platform — the renowned label Prime Loops. Offering the largest browsable sample catalog in the world, Splice Sounds now proudly makes available content from over 30 top tier labels, spread across over 2000 sample packs and more than 700,000 individual sounds.

In addition to adding a significant amount of content to their library, Splice has added several new features to their sample browsing experience to make it even easier to find and download sounds:
Social repacks to show off your sample curatorial skills to the world
Batch-downloading of sounds to speed up your workflow
Improved searching tools such as sorting by popularity or random to quickly filter down to the perfect sound to inspire your next track.

More on Splice Sounds:

Splice Sounds is a subscription service allowing you to pick and choose individual samples to download from their catalog. It provides powerful search and filtering tools, unlimited auditioning of sounds, and the ability to curate your own custom packs of your favorite sounds, from any device. Subscriptions start at $7.99 per month.

Find out more about Splice Sounds here.


More on Prime Loops:

Prime Loops started 7 years ago in the UK and has quickly grown to be one of the most respected providers of loops, samples, sounds, and presets in the world.
Prime Loops rounds out the catalog available on Splice Sounds, with particularly strong offerings in genres such as Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, and House. Their diverse sample packs range from comprehensive collections containing a full range of loops, one shots, and even construction kits, to more specialized packs that focus on specific functions such as live drum breaks, trance synths, or ambient soundscapes.