Propellerhead Release Pop Chords Electric Guitarist

Propellerhead have expanded their A-List series of Reason Rack Extensions with ‘Pop Chords Electric Guitarist’- a new virtual instrument that provides the user with access to a range of very cool pop-style rhythm guitar performances. Read on for more info…

Press Release


Propellerhead Expands A-List Series with Pop Chords Electric Guitarist

Powerful new instrument provides fast, easy access to inspiring pop rhythm guitar performances

Stockholm, Sweden, September 16, 2015 – Propellerhead today released the new Reason Rack Extension instrument Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist. Building on the legacy of A-List Acoustic Guitarist and A-List Electric Guitarist, Pop Chords adds studio-grade rhythm guitar to your music. Pop Chords includes over 1300 rhythms spread across 119 styles—combinable and playable in real-time to generate an unlimited number of performance on the fly. Create unique, realistic and inspiring performances in a matter of seconds and across a wide range of genres including Pop, Rock Funk, Indie Rock and many more.

“Pop Chords fuses the creative possibilities of a top-notch performer with the accessibility and ease of use of using audio loops,” stated Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager. “Like our other A-List series products, you don’t need to be a studio musician to get incredible results.”

Propellerhead launched the A-List series in May 2014 with the introduction of A-List Acoustic Guitarist, and released A-List Electric Guitarist in August 2014. The A-List series quickly emerged as leading Rack Extension instruments in thePropellerhead store.


Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist puts the sound and ability of a world-class studio guitarist right in the Reason rack. Single MIDI notes trigger power chord progressions, additional notes add alternate voicings and patterns. With complete control and flexibility to adjust key, tempo, style, feel and phrasing at the touch of a button, musicians can quickly create the perfect performance for their song—or spend time experimenting with variations.

Pricing and Availability

Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist is available for immediate download via the Propellerhead store for $99 USD / €99 EUR.

Visit for further details.