Propellerhead’s Complex-1 modular synthesiser takes flight

It takes your Reason Rack to a whole new level.

Reason complex-1

Propellerhead has launched the Complex-1, a shot in the arm for its Reason Rack platform. With this upgrade, the brand brings the “quirks, freedom and sonic depth of modular synthesis” to its flagship product.


Seasoned modular synth enthusiasts can just dive right in, but if you’re new, Propellerhead wants you to know the Complex-1 is not as daunting as its name suggests. The Reason Rack Extension comes with over 150 patches that you can use as a launchpad for your sonic exploration. And you can always hit the undo button if things take a left turn.

Among its other key features are a 4x oversampled synthesis engine, a freely routable signal and modulation path, and an unbeatable sound. In short, it’s a synth lover’s dream machine.

In terms of modules, the Complex-1 brings a mix of modular synth components and workflows to the table. The Complex Oscillator, Low Pass Gates and Shaper modules are Don Buchla- and West Coast-inspired. On the other hand, the regular Oscillator and ladder design Filter module are based on the Bob Moog school of synth design. Of course, both of these can be combined for some unique sounds and textures.

Here’s a snapshot of the features:

  • Fully featured modular synthesiser
  • Legendary Propellerhead DSP, 4X oversampled for incredible sound and modulation options
  • Modules offer a best-in-class assortment of oscillators, filters, modulation and sequencing devices
  • Can produce anything from esoteric sonic experiments to pristine synth instrument tones
  • Comes with 150+ patches – get cool sounds and learn while you use it
  • Connects really well to the rest of the Reason rack with CV

Watch the demo here:


Retails for $99. More information at