Puremagnetik’s Zerone uncovers hidden audio with granular processing

A splitter of audio particles.

Puremagnetik has unveiled Zerone, a plug-in that employs granular processing to help you discover hidden sounds within your audio signal.

At the heart of Zerone are two granular processes. These are designed to first isolate your signal’s audio segments, before modifying them with time-compression or expansion and letting them “iterate over time segments”. According to the brand, the results range from “repeat, time-stretch and stutter-like” to “huge washes of evolving, cascading ambience”.

Both processors have an identical set of controls, including size, time, pan, position and an echo effect. These are joined by an output level control as well as a blend knob.


Hear Zerone in action below:

Zerone is exclusive to subscribers of Puremagnetik’s Spark service, which is updated with a new plug-in monthly. Subscriptions are priced at $9/month or $60/year.

More info at puremagnetik.com.