Re-Compose launches the I2C8 chord generator plug-in

This plug-in takes chord sequence generation to a whole new level.

Re-compose i2c8 midi chord generator

Powered by Re-Compose’s trademark music intelligence algorithms, the I2C8 is a new plug-in that unlocks endless possibilities for chord sequence generation.


If you find yourself stumped when it comes to creating chord sequences on the fly, the I2C8 may just be the perfect plug-in for you. With its intelligent algorithms and user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to create and edit chords, explore chord sequences, and even trigger them through an external MIDI keyboard.

Here’s a quick glance at the functions:

  • Create Chords: The I2C8 uses a simple pattern language for the definition of chords. Select a pattern symbol, and it generates a chord as well as a set of eight alternative chord sequences for the chosen pattern of symbols.
  • Edit Chords: Click on a specific chord to manually change the chord symbols. When you do so, the music intelligence algorithms will create a new matching chord progression.
  • Explore Sequences: Clicking on one of the chords allows you to explore alternative chord sequences for your current pattern of symbols.
  • Trigger Chords: If you so choose, you can use a keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard to manually trigger the chords in the progression. Taking things a step further, duration and volume of your input are used to create dynamic variations to the chord progression.

The I2C8 is compatible with the following DAWs: Ableton Live 9 and later, Bitwig Studio 2, Cubase 9.5, FL Studio 12 (VST, not VST3), Logic Pro X, Studio One 3, and Cockos Reaper.

Watch the demo here:

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