Get New Devices Each Month With Reason’s Rack Extension Subscription

With Reason 10 edging closer, Propellerhead Software has revealed a Rack Extensions subscription that could revolutionise you work in the DAW for as little as €9/$9 a month…

rack extensions subscription

There’s a common need that binds we music-techers together; budget and HD space, which usually results in having too much of one, but never the other. Yet that could become a thing of the past for Reason users with the Rack Extensions subscription.


Once you’ve chosen between the three plans available, you’ll have to stick with your choices for the next 30 days, but once that time’s up, you can trade any that you’re not using for other instruments and effects.

Pricing and Availability:
There are three packages available starting from €9/$9 per month:

  • Standard: €9/$9 a month – $400 worth of Rack Extensions
  • Medium: €19/$19 a month – $1,000 worth of Rack Extensions
  • Large: €29/$29 a month – $3,000 worth of Rack Extensions

For more information head to the Propellerhead site here.