Recreate sounds of the Human Body with The Pink Trombone

If you’re feeling a little lost or have some time to kill why not try out The Pink Trombone, a web application that attempts to recreate the human voice…

the pink trombone

Created by Neil Thapen this interactive web app is fascinating and surprisingly addictive. The glottis, located in the bottom left of the screen creates the sound and is filtered by the shape of the vocal tract, which can be tweaked on the fly. At the bottom of the screen are two horizontal scales, one for the voice box, which controls the intensity and another for the pitch of the initial sound.


Then to talk:
– Move the body of the tongue to shape vowels
– Touch the oral cavity to narrow is for fricative consonants
– Touch the oral cavity to close it, for stop consonants
– Touch the naval cavity to open the velum and let sound flow through the nose.

Like we said, you may find the time has changed by an hour or so once you’re done playing around. Try out The Pink Trombone here.