Regroover Receives Major Upgrade

Accusonus Inc has announced a major upgrade to their award-winning beat production plug-in Regroover, one that could further cement it as formidable beat making tool…


Here’s what Accusonus has to say.


Regroover is a new type of beat-making virtual instrument for music producers, beatmakers and DJs who work with drum loops and samples. Using patented Machine Learning algorithms, Regroover does what no other software or hardware can do: Extract layers from within previously recorded beats and samples and:

  • Unmix drum loops into separate and distinct sound layers.
  • Remix and re-arrange audio loops on-the-fly
  • Get previously inaccessible sounds from inside your loops.
  • Create and perform new beats from sounds you discover inside your samples

What’s New in 1.6?

The update includes two of the most highly-requested features:

  • Sync To Host functionality that allows for instant Regroover integration with new or existing DAW projects
  • User-Defined Pattern Lengths that offer an intuitive new way to instantly produce new beats from your pre-recorded samples.

Additional new features include:

  • Jam with new loops in Regroover while your DAW is playing
  • Instantly correct BPM detection errors with new half-time and double-time modifiers
  • Rename your layers and pads to better organize your Regroover projects
  • Improved drag to pad functionality (without the need of a modifier key)
  • Many more fixes and improvements

Pricing and Availability
Regroover Essential (AU, VST, AAX for Win and Mac) is immediately available at $99. Regroover Pro (AU, VST, AAX for Win and Mac) is immediately available at $219. Head to the product page here to purchase and find further information.