Rob Papen releases affordable mastering tool MasterMagic

Rob Papen has turned his attention way from synths with the release of MasterMagic, a brand-new affordable mastering tool to “give your music the edge”…

Rob Papen releases MasterMagic

Simplicity is the key here with MasterMagic, which were told, only takes a few basic controls to make a big difference to any mix. Set up is as simple as inserting it at the very end of your DAW master FX chain and then you can “let the Mono/Stereo module tighten up your low end while the AIR module adds life, clarity and detail… even if used in small amounts.”

MasterMagic key features:

  • Silky AIR module which opens the overall sound.
  • Perfect ‘Mono/Stereo’ module which increases the quality of low end in your mix and the stereo spreading
  • Easy to use and incredible results
  • Take MasterMagic for a test drive with the free demo version

Pricing and Availability:
MasterMagic is available now for £33.95/€39/$39 and can be purchased from the Time+Space website, where you can also download a free demo to try out.