Rockschool Launch World First Music Production Graded Syllabus

Our friends at Rockschool, the exam board which were the world-first at creating graded exams for contermporary musicians, have this week launched their new music production graded syllabus, from Grade 1 to Grade 8, the suite of qualifications will enable students to develop skills and understanding of modern production methods and industry information. Read on for more informations…

Official Info – Rockschool Launch World’s First Music Production Graded Syllabus

Rockschool, the same exams board that introduced the world to graded music exams for contemporary musicians has continued its time-honoured history of innovation by launching the world’s first music production graded syllabus. To celebrate the launch today, Rockschool are giving away 10 free copies of Cubase Elements!


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Rockschool Music Production – Out Now!

Launching today, Rockschool Music Production has been created to provide all aspiring producers and engineers with a flexible, progressive approach to the knowledge, skills and understanding required for music production and sound engineering.

For the first time ever, aspiring music producers and sound engineers will have access to a world-class suite of qualifications from Grade 1 to Grade 8, enabling them to develop and enhance their skills, in a structured and consistent way.

On completion of a Rockschool Music Production grade, every candidate will own a wealth of technical, practical and theoretical knowledge that they can apply to real-world scenarios, whether it be engineering on a session, mixing live sound or producing on a track.

“Rockschool’s Music Production Syllabus is the first graded syllabus to identify the various skill sets of a modern producer and provide the necessary training for aspiring producers and engineers.”


Hannah V – Music Producer/Artist/Keyboard Player – Rihanna, Jessie J, Bryan Ferry

Additionally, students can choose to undertake their exam using software applications from their choice of Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton or GarageBand.
The syllabus will assess in the areas of:

Practical 60%
A mixture of highly relevant technical DAW skills, alongside a range of industry-focused tasks in all areas of production.

Aural 15%
Key listening skills, including a diverse range of production techniques, from stylistic awareness to theory and harmony.

Theory 25%
Theoretical understanding, from music production terminology to sound and audio fundamentals.

Whether your aspiration is to develop as a recording engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, electronic music producer or to simply enhance your skills, knowledge and understanding across the whole range of modern production techniques and DAW’s, this syllabus is for you.

Rockschool Music Production is out now, to discover more visit: