Roland infuse their rhythmic legacy in the upcoming TR-8S Rhythm Performer

Roland has announced the TR-8S Rhythm Performer, a new instrument infused with their renowned rhythm machine legacy with a modern design aimed at live performance…


Armed with the most iconic TR drum sounds and extensive samples from the Roland library, the TR-8S supports mono and stereo user samples plus “hands-on” controls and production tools that make patterns “move and groove”. Featuring recreations of the 808, 909, 707, 727, and 606, plus several modified versions, users can create custom “dream kits” by fusing preset samples or their own samples with the TR sounds. Decay, tuning and many other sound parameters can then be tweaked using the instant-access controls.


Control over the entire kit can be tweaked with the Master FX knob as well as channel specific knobs. Roland’s famous TR-REC step sequencer has also received a modern reworking and can be used to create intricate grooves and build fills with velocity, accents, flams and adjustable sub-steps. Additionally, the TR-8S sequencer can store 128 patterns that can be triggered individually or chain together.

Roland tells us that the TR-8S is equipped to seamlessly integrate with any setup thanks to a stereo mix output and a further six assignable audio outputs that can process and mix individual drum sounds. The TR-8S can also be used as a multi-channel USB audio/MIDI interface and supports AIRA Link.

Pricing and Availability:

TR-8S is available to order now for £609/€699/$699. For further information head to the product page.