Roland Virtual Sonics announces the JX-3P soft synth

The legendary polyphonic synth is reborn as a software instrument.

Roland JX-3P

Roland has released the JX-3P software synth, an addition to Roland Cloud’s series. The six-voice polyphonic synth features everything from classic string sounds to crushing metallic pads delivering the sounds of the early ’80s directly into your DAW.


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Roland Virtual Sonics announces the addition of the iconic JX-3P to Roland Cloud’s Legendary series. Originally released in 1983, the JX-3P was one of the earliest programmable preset polyphonic synthesizers and Roland’s first MIDI-equipped machine.

Now available as part of the Roland Cloud, the virtual JX-3P offers crystalline ACB-component replication of the original’s sounds. From classic strings to crushing metallic pads, this six-voice polyphonic recreation is identical to its hardware counterpart. With push-button interface and concurrent versatility, users will discover what made this synth a singular addition to Roland’s catalogue.

In addition to its 64 iconic memory programmes and revolutionary two DCOs, the updated JX-3P comes with an all-new effects module – including delay, distortion, reverb – and a powerful arpeggiator. Experience the JX-3P in its traditional format, or with a click, unleash the power of the coveted PG-200 interface.

Upon release, the PG-200 facilitated a hands-on manipulation of the JX-3P’s rich sonic palette. Mapped for the PLUG-OUT interface of the SYSTEM-8, the PG-200 controls are intuitive. The live connection between the SYSTEM-8 and a user’s computer allows for parameter adjustment within the software itself, or with the turn of a knob on the SYSTEM-8. The JX-3P allows for seamless sonic control.

Roland Virtual Sonics JX-3P features:

  • Authentic recreation of the classic Roland JX-3P 6 voice polyphonic synthesizer
  • ACB (Analogue Circuit Behavior) replication
  • Classic PG-200 with PLUG-OUT interface for SYSTEM-8
  • Full-function hardware control by USB connection
  • All-new effects module
  • AAX, VST, and AU compatibility

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