Roland VT-3 Image and Specs – Another product in the ‘Secret’ Range

Following the leaked image of Roland’s Aira yesterday, we’ve seen imagery and specs of Roland’s new VT-3 vocal transformer – see below for the leaked image and specs… more to follow soon!

It’s starting to look like Roland’s Aira is a range of new instruments as the leaked photo has a similar design…



– Vocal transformer
– Effects unit intended for the human voice
– Quickly controlling pitch and formant
– Various effects, subtle and extremely
– User-friendly operation
– Great sound quality
– Input peak indicator
– Well suitable for human beatboxing
– Compact, easy to transport
– Colour: black, with mint-colored backlit buttons

– Electro 1
– Electro 2
– Megaphone
– Radio
– VP-vocoder
– Space Voice
– Scatter
– Humanizer
– Voice Synth

More detailed info coming very soon…