ROLI Launch New Online Course With Erin Barra

The company that brought us the remarkable Seaboard GRAND and RISE, along with the NOISE app and EQUATOR software, have now launched a brand new online course aimed at newcomers to music production, using ROLI’s unique musical toolkit as a way in. The course is given by ex-MusicTech interviewee Erin Barra who is now an associate professor at the University of Berklee.

Erin Barra ROLI

The course covers a range of approaches, including training users to use the Seaboard to create music, using EQUATOR and then on to more advanced composition and electronic sound design. Ultimately Barra tasks students with two assignments which are then uploaded via the Blend platform.


See the first part of the new online course below and head to ROLI’s education homepage to access the full online course

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