Thermionic Culture Unveil Rooster 2

Thermionic Culture have unveiled the Rooster 2 – set to be released in May 2014. The Rooster 2 is a brand new version of the original Rosster, TC’s classic all-valve 2-channel mic preamp.

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Press Release:

Thermionic Culture, the pioneering English valve-based audio equipment manufacturer, will be launching The Rooster 2 – a brand new upgraded version of its classic Rooster all-valve 2-channel mic preamp – in May 2014.

The original Rooster, which is renowned for its innovative distortion controls and EQ section, remains one of the company’s best-selling products and is an industry award-winner. Sowter transformer-balanced ins and outs, versatile EQ with ‘varislope’ control of top and bass lift and the famed ‘Attitude’ distortion control section, all helped the initial unit deliver a vast range of tones, subtle dynamic control and varying levels of harmonic distortion.

While The Rooster 2 retains the majority of the original features and circuit design, there are several significant modifications that make the new Rooster “sound even better”, according to Thermionic Culture’s co-founder and chief designer, Vic Keary.


“We’ve increased the gain by 8dB so it now suits almost any microphone you decide to use, and you can DI guitars and basses to take advantage of our special harmonic distortion effect” explains Vic. “The extra gain means that the ‘Attitude’ control can be even more aggressive and we’ve also boosted the award-winning EQ section with an extra couple of dB, which gives it even more bite. This Rooster is so hot we really should have called it The Roaster!”

The Rooster 2 also utilises a different input valve. The 12AT7 (ECC81) has been replaced with a 12AX7 (ECC83) valve which means the unit still has the same low noise figure even though the gain is higher. Most of the original product’s carbon pots have also been superseded by conductive polymers, ensuring greater reliability and low noise. There is also a higher impedance input which guarantees even wider compatibility with condenser microphones.

The Rooster 2 will be available from 12th May 2014, priced at £1845 plus VAT.

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