Rotary plugin from UVI: an emulation like never before

Rotary speaker cabinets date back to the 40s and have been emulated countless times, yet UVI believes their new Rotary plugin is really something special…


UVI tell us that the plugin is an evolution of the original design, one that not only delivers the classic cab sound but also features a impressive levels of sophistication. With precise mic placement and multiple tonal controls, Rotary boasts flexibility that’s not restricted by the instrument(s) you’re processing.



  • Custom microphone placement (hemispherical)
  • Intuitive macro controls (width, distance, skew) and independent click-drag microphone placement
  • 3D real-time ray-traced early reflections, simulating up to third order
  • Shape sounds naturally (metrics based on original horn / drum directivity measurements)
  • Precise angular Doppler effect
  • Realistic sound diffusion for open and closed box configurations
  • Precise tone reproduction (measured horn / drum impulse responses)
  • Amplifier Drive: faithful reproduction of even / odd harmonics
  • Amplifier Pre-Emphasis control (compensates horn frequency response)

Pricing and Availability:
Rotary is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats for the introductory price of $49/€49 (usually $79/€79) or can be downloaded as a 15-day trial. For full information head to the UVI site here.