Rupert Neve Release The New 535 500-Series Compressor

Rupert Neve Designs has revealed the 535 500-Series Diode Bridge Compressor, which they tell us captures the soul of Rupert Neve’s original 2254 compressor…

Basing the design on the dynamics circuit of the Shelford Channel, the 535 promises to be as versatile as the 2254 with a flourish of additional modern touches such as significantly lower noise, advanced timing control, full stepped controls throughout and internal parallel processing capabilities. On top of these updates, the 535 is also fitted with custom transformers and tailor-made class-A output amplifiers.



Rupert Neve Designs tells us, “By understanding the limitations of the original 2254 topology, painstaking effort was taken to reproduce its unique tone while improving the noise floor, expanding inflexible time constants, adding full wave sidechain detection for improved dynamic response, widening the range of threshold and ratio controls, and raising the headroom of the diode bridge itself.”

Arriving almost 50 years after Rupert Neve created the first diode bridge compressor designs, “the 535 reimagines the larger-than-life personality of these classic circuits with new levels of precision and adaptability.”

Pricing and Availability:
The 535 compressor is available now for a MSRP of $1,095. To find out where to buy and for full information head to the product page here.