sE Electronics Announce Price Reduction

sE Electronics have announced a massive price reduction on some of their best selling products, read on for more information…

sE Electronics announces big price reductions for best selling products


Hitchin UK (17th February 2014) sE Electronics has announced new price promotions for four of its most popular products; the ‘classic’ sE X1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (including sE X1 Vocal Pack and sE X1 Studio Bundle product variants), and the sE Reflexion Filter Pro (or RF Pro), the widely regarded industry-standard portable vocal booth.

The sE X1 Classic Series

sE Electronics’ core philosophy is to always deliver the best product possible at every price point. The X1 has been sE’s best-selling large diaphragm condenser mic for several years now, leading the market sector by bringing hand-crafted capsules together with cutting edge electronics design at prices competitive with mass produced machine-made mics.

“This ‘Heart of Gold’ company doctrine is what sets sE condenser mics apart from the mass market. Our mics are designed with the intent of capturing the artists’ creativity beautifully, with passion and soul… a mic is not just a bunch of electronics, it is a finely tuned instrument and the very heart of your recording studio, the first, and most important, stage of any analogue recording.”

“Hand crafted capsules are, in our opinion, more consistent, refined and musical than machine made capsules. The best and most revered mics in the world all have hand crafted capsules; at sE we believe that every one of our condenser mics should be built this way, no other major brand offers this kind of quality focus at such low price points” – James Young – M.D. sE Electronics

Customers can purchase the sE X1 microphone, on its own or as a component of one of two bundles – the sE X1 Vocal Pack (includes custom sE shock-mount and metal pop-filter) and the sE X1 Studio Bundle (includes custom sE shock-mount and metal pop-filter plus the RF-X portable vocal booth). The sEX1 series is now available, for a limited time, from as little as £99 including 20% VAT.


sE Reflexion Filter Pro

sE Electronics is the company which revolutionised recording studios with the world’s first commercially produced portable vocal booth, the Reflexion Filter Pro, allowing you to turn any area into a suitable space for recording vocals and instruments without colouring the sound of the recording. Today the original is still the best – and sE Electronics’ RF-Pro is the only product within this market built with patented multi-layer air-gap technology giving superior control of unwanted audio reflections… 9 separate layers of different absorbing, isolating and diffusing materials, make the RF-Pro the most efficient and professional way to control your recording environment in a portable format.

For a limited time, and while stocks last, sE are making the RF Pro available to customers from as little as £169 including 20% VAT. It’s a dramatic saving of almost 1/3rd compared to its regular retail price of £249 inc vat.

“Again sE Electronics delivers the best for less! The RF-Pro is a true industry standard after 8 years in production and sales into the 100’s of 1000’s of units. It’s a testament to the RF-Pro’s success that scores of the world’s leading studios, artists, recording engineers and producers sing its praises.” Mark Porter – Sales & Marketing Director sE Electronics

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