sE go into SPACE

sE Electronics launches the follow up to its ground-breaking Reflexion Filter (and a lot more besides) Andy Jones finds out more….

sE Electronics, producers of award-winning microphones and innovative products like the Reflexion Filter, had its biggest ever launch event on 21st May to announce several new lines, the most important being SPACE. This is essentially a follow up to the Reflexion filter, a product that has found a home in many a studio across the land, helping as it does, cut down on unwanted reflections in the recording process. sE led the way with the filter but an increasing number of ‘me too’ releases from other companies have been released in recent years so SPACE is very much the company’s attempt to regain its filter crown.


“All imitation products are simple foam devices,” the company says, “Foam simply allows most low and mid frequency information to pass directly through leaving the user with all the same primary reflection issues, but now with loss of high frequency detail. The result? Dull sounding, incoherent tracks and a messy final mix.”

SPACE boasts larger surface areas and thicker layers than any of the competitors plus better hardware to mount the whole lot on and a greater diffusion helping to “randomise primary reflections”. It also has seven vertical pillars which “significantly deepen the air gaps internal to the device.”

Despite having more of everything, sE say that the use of light-weight materials has kept the overall weight down. The new filter is shipping next month with an expected retail price of £299/€359 ex VAT. Watch out for the review in MusicTech (and on soon.

More X’s
sE also used the occasion to talk about its new Magneto mic and the company’s new X1 range.

The X1 USB mic is being touted by the company as being the best USB on the market and we have the exclusive review in the next issue of MusicTech, on sale 19th June. Others in the range include the X1 D kick drum condenser (£199/€239 ex VAT); the X1 R ribbon mic (£119/€143 ex VAT); and the the X1 T tube condenser (£229/€275 ex VAT). Finally, se formally announced the sE5 small diaphragm condenser microphone (£199/€239 ex VAT or £399/€479 ex VAT for a pair).


sE also used a range of on-camera video boom mics which we’ll also get in for review as we have several keen video makers on the team. For more on all of these releases, check out