Cakewalk Release SONAR X3c Update

Cakewalk have announced the availability of a new update for their newly released Sonar X3. This update addresses direct feedback that has been received from the user base and makes the workflow even smoother.

Read below for the official press release documenting the changes that have been made


Press Release:

Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, will be releasing the free SONAR X3c update late October 2013. Suitable for all three versions of the SONAR family (X3, X3 Studio, and X3 Producer), this update focuses on direct “wish list” feedback and suggestions for functional enhancements from Cakewalk customers. In addition, SONAR X3c will include support for Windows 8.1.

Cakewalk’s Director of Products George Persiantsev states, “SONAR X3’s exceptional stability out of the gate means that we can now concentrate on addressing direct feedback from our users—basically the best ‘focus group’ in the world—to take SONAR’s workflow even further. With all three members of the SONAR X3 family sharing the same advanced core technology such as a 64-bit audio engine, unlimited FX, innovative ‘speed’ comping, YouTube export, direct Gobbler integration for cloud-based backup and sharing, color-customizable ‘Skylight’ interface and the like, these updates will benefit all users of all versions.”


About SONAR X3

The SONAR X3 family comprises SONAR X3 ($99), which delivers extraordinary value; SONAR X3 Studio ($199), targeted to advanced home and project studios; and SONAR X3 Producer ($499), designed to meet the demands of professionals who require a program with the versatility to handle any kind of project. The SONAR X3 family’s finely-tuned ecosystem of superior design, comprehensive plug-ins, and relentlessly efficient workflow lets musicians concentrate on what really matters: making music.


All three SONAR X3 versions are available through music and sound retailers around the world, as well as the Cakewalk Store.


Registered Cakewalk customers can download their SONAR X3c update directly from in late October 2013, which also includes complete version details and localized pricing/availability options from our distribution partners.