Create Realistic, Complex Brass Chords With Ostinato Brass From Sonokinetic

Following up Ostinato Strings, Sonokinetic has released Ostinato Brass, a new phrase library for complex brass chords…

ostinato brass

We’ll pass you over to Sonokinetic to hear the story in their words.


Last year we released our Ostinato Strings library. It was designed to solve one specific issue that virtual instruments have struggled with for years: how to create realistic ostinato motifs without sacrificing playability. The library took our phrase-based approach and extended the harmonic scope so that far more complex chords than simple major and minors could be played.

Ostinato Strings was met with great acclaim both for the sound and the flexibility of the chord system, so we couldn’t resist following it up with a brass section using the Ostinato engine and with the same intuitive features. We returned to the great recording space we employed for other Sonokinetic orchestral libraries and gathered a selection of some of the greatest (and most precise) brass players to perform for us.

Pricing and Availability:

Ostinato Brass is available now for the special 12 days of Christmas price of €39.90 (usually €79.90). Buy your copy and find full details here.