Sound Dust Reveal “Untopia” Patch Set for Omnisphere 2

Sound Dust has revealed Untopia; a new addition to the Omnisphere 2 that features 200 patches and 80 specially devised new sound sources that are “born from a boisterous mix of influences.”


Whether you’re seeking out the “darkly industrial but uplifting soundscapes” of Joy Division or A Certain Ratio, the “mad” sounds of Christobal Tapia de Veer or some Jon Hassel/Brian Eno, Sound Dust believes that Untopia will have you covered.


We’re told to, “Expect strange disjointed and alluring voices, grainy strings, finely sculpted noisescapes, organic grit and grime, slurring mellotrons, drunken string machines, bent synths, amped keys turned to 11, low ebbing throbs and a healthy selection of other beatific cathedral of sound oddities.”

Untopia is available now for £35, however early adopters can take advantage of the 20% introductory offer, which ends 13th February. Watch the video below to see it in action and for further details head to the product page here.