Soundiron Release The Beat Boxer

Soundiron have announced their latest percussion library: The Beat Boxer. This innovative new fully playable human beatbox simulator gives a vast amount of flexiblity and paramater control to the sound of beatboxing.

Certainly sounds like it’s worth experimenting with, read on for the full press release and listen to some examples below:



Press Release: Soundiron is proud to announce The Beat Boxer, a comprehensive and fully playable human beatbox vocal percussion library. This hybrid multisample/groove library transforms the creative vocal art of up-and-coming East Bay beatboxer “Jbox” (Jerry Girard) into a flexible and detailed virtual instrument. It covers a huge variety of essential drums and classic beatbox sound effects, ranging from snares, kicks, hi-hats and toms to turntable scratches, synths, breaths, drips, ratchets, basses, clicks, pops, thumps, robotics, stutterbeats and more.

The Beat Boxer features over 100 articulations across 11 different categories, each with an average of 12x round robin each. It also features an integrated Midi Groove playback system with beats by Sascha Knorr, Simon Begg, Dirk Ehlert, Brad Jerkins and Sean Gordon – or add your own! You can quantization/loosen, add swing and reshape dynamics on-the-fly. The Beat Boxer also allows custom keymap saving and loading, including a range of industry-standard drum maps.

You’ll also find 100 live loops and 108 glitch, breakcore, industrial and FX loops. The Loop GUI’s waveform screen and control parameters make tempo-synching, stretching and phrase shaping a breeze. The built-in Phrase Sequencer lets you create, tweak, save and load your own patterns and songs. Click Here for the pdf user manual.

The Beat Boxer also has our Megamixer for instant kit building. You can load up 12 slots, each with volume, tuning, pan, mapping and more. It’s all wrapped in an awesome GUI, with sound and mix shaping tools, arpeggiation and rack effects like EQ, filter, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, amp & speaker sim, distortion, compression and reverb with 70 rooms, halls and fx impulses.


The library offers both classic stage mic and large diaphragm studio microphone styles, each with flexible channel loading, mixing, panning and routing.

This standard open-format library includes unlocked wavs and all nki presets require the full retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or later. The free Kontakt Player and Player Libraries rack do not support this format.

The Beat Boxer is on sale for only $59 through February 1st, 2014. The price goes to $79 after the intro ends, so don’t wait!

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