Spitfire Audio reveal the “groundbreaking” Hans Zimmer Strings

He’s been at the forefront of the biggest blockbusters in the past 15 years and now Spitfire Audio’s Hans Zimmer Strings brings his unique orchestral sampling to your computer…

hans zimmer strings

So how has Spitfire created Zimmer’s unique style? Well, we’re told it’s quite the spectacular innovation.


344 players recorded at AIR Studios lay the foundations for this potential colossus, allowing you to go BIG, and with the simple, customisable controls, intuitive navigation system and clear icons it sounds very promising indeed.

Pricing and Availability:

Hans Zimmer Strings is available to pre-order for the promotional price of £549 inc. VAT / $599 / €599 inc. VAT (usually £699 inc. VAT / $799 / €799 inc. VAT). To pre-order and for further information head to the product page.