Create Spooky Sounds With BeatMaker’s Free Horror Box Plug-In

Whilst others may be dressing up in ghoulish garbs or carving out pumpkins, we’re creating spooky sounds with BeatMaker’s free Rompler plug-in, Horror Box…

horror box

BeatMaker tells us that Horror Box is capable of creating terrifying sound passages. Users can combine its nine presets included with the four layers to get new and spectral sounds. You can download it here for free and get creating your horrifying soundscapes.


Horror Box key features:

  • Windows & Mac.
  • LP/HP Filter.
  • 32/64 bit.
  • 9 Presets.
  • 4 Layers.
  • LFO rate and depth controls.
  • LFO waveform, LFO source and LFO destination.
  • Attack & Release.
  • Reverb.