Steinberg Release Cubase Pro 9

Cubase Pro 9 is out now! Packed with innovative additions and a fair share a fan suggestions, Cubase believe it to be their “most complete DAW ever. Period”.

Cubase Pro 9

So can the claims hold water? We’re tempted to say they certainly have the potential to after a brief look at the new features that come with Cubase 9.


First and foremost there’s new feature ‘The Lower Zone’, a feature that grants direct access to editors and the MixConsole without leaving the project window, allowing for increased workflow and fast changes with just a click of the mouse.

Then the new Sampler Track, which was designed in conjunction with user suggestions can play samples chromatically, manipulate them with on-board filters and controls and comes with ‘Caleidoscope’, a dedicated library with hundreds of samples.

On top of that Cubase 9 also features MixConsole History, allowing you to compare different mixes with ease, “surgically precise” frequency EQ, improved Maximiser, cloud collaboration and much more.

For users looking for a slice of what 9 has to offer but at a reduced price Steinberg has also released Cubase Artist and Cubase Elements; tailored “lite” versions that feature some elements included in Pro, such as The Lower Zone’.

Cubase Pro 9 is available now for £468, but users with Cubase Pro 8.5 can upgrade for £80. For full information on Cubase Pro 9, Artist, Elements and demo videos of everything on offer head to the Cubase site here.