NAMM 2018: Strymon Turns Their Attention To Eurorack With Magneto

Strymon has turned their hand to the world of Eurorack with Magneto, a stereo multi-head tape delay module that promises “expansive soundscapes and evolving, otherworldly tones”…



Renowned for their guitar pedals, Magneto wears its heritage on its sleeve. Able to function as looper, phrase sample, vintage spring reverb unit, phase-aligned clock multiplier, choatic oscillator, zero-latency sub-oscillator as well as its primary function and more, we’re willing to believe that this ‘interstellar space machine’ deserves such a description. Additionally, it comes with CV I/O.

“We’re seeing some using the Strymon pedals in their Eurorack setups, and El Cap [El Capistan tape delay] seemed to be a popular choice, where people would place it at the end of their signal chain and sweeten up their signal with some nice tape delay sounds,” says sound designer, Pete Celi. “So it seemed like a good place to start. And we knew that by introducing something in the Eurorack format, that it would give us the ability to really expand on the capabilities and feature set.”

Pricing and Availability:
There’s currently no information regarding price or release. However, you can find the full information and specs on the product page.