StudioFeed’s SubPac – Feel Your Music!

We’ve just caught wind of this very innovative new creation from StudioFeed, the SubPac allows users to actually physically feel the low end of their music. This portable tactile audio technology that takes sound to the physical dimension through an innovative device that allows users to feel their music. For use with any existing audio source, the high-fidelity SubPac allows music to be physically experienced by quietly transferring low frequencies directly to the body.

SubPac’s Kickstarter campaign just kicked off here,   The formal consumer launch will happen this spring.


SubPac is lightweight and versatile, and can be used in a seated or laying position. It helps transport the listener to a visceral ‘club’ or ‘live’ experience in the comfort of their home, or on the go. For the producer or DJ, it allows for more accurate monitoring of low frequencies in any studio setup. SubPac adds a new dimension to a variety of applications – including music, gaming, home theater, and music therapy. It is quiet, providing a full bass experience without hearing damage.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eye on this fascinating looking creation.

You can find out more info on the official SubPac site here