Superbooth 2019: U.D.O. shows off Super 6 binaural polysynth

New synthmaker demos 12-voice poly at Berlin show

The Super 6 is the first instrument from new synth-makers on the block, U.D.O. The fledgling company’s name is an acronym of Unidentified Dancing Object, but don’t let that fool you. It means business. Its chief designer George Hearn, for example, has had a hand in designing the Modal Electronics’ 008.

Although U.D.O. had teased the Super 6 ahead of the show, day one of Superbooth was the first chance anyone had to hear it. And it didn’t disappoint.

UDO Super 6


The 12-voice polysynth employs FPGA digital oscillators, which run into an analogue signal path for warm filtering. The synth takes its cues from the Jupiter 8 and Juno 6 in the immediacy of control available but it is still an original design.

Throw into the mix a ‘binaural’ mode for super lush, stereo sound and supersaw capabilities on oscillator 1, and this is a really attractive synth.

Super 6 is expected to ship in Autumn 2019 and the projected price is between £2,000 and £2,500.