NAMM 2019: Synclavier announces iOS synth apps

    The apps, one for the iPad and another for the iPhone, will debut at NAMM.

    Synclavier has teased a few new products ahead of Winter NAMM 2019: the Synclavier Go!, Synclavier Pocket!, and Synclavier Knob.

    There’s not much information to go on, but here’s what we know:

    Go! and Pocket! are iOS synths – for the iPad and iPhone, respectively – that draw on the brand’s Synclavier V virtual instrument. The former is an attempt to recreate the 1980 Synclavier III Digital Synthesiser, including its additive synthesis and FM functions, into a touch-based interface. And Pocket! is available as a free download with an in-app purchase.


    On the other hand, not much is known about the Knob. Synclavier says it will work with “existing systems via a new Synclavier Touch, out later this year” to provide a tactile feel to the virtual instruments. Whether it’ll work with the iOS apps, however, remains to be seen.

    The Synclavier Go! retails for $19.00 and the Synclavier Knob retails for $399. More information at



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