SynthMaster One from KV331 Audio is Available Now!

Our good friends over at KV331 Audio have announced the new SynthMaster One, “an easy-to-use wavetable synthesiser with an intuitive workflow…” is available now…

synthmaster one

Whilst it shares the same sound engine as its big brother, SynthMaster One is boosted thanks to its wavetable synthesis features. Sporting a simple layout, “rich” wavetable content and factory presets from large team of sound designers KV331 Audio believe that designing distinctive sounds has never been so simple.


“Unlike SynthMaster, where only up to 16 waveforms can be sequenced to create a wavetable, SynthMaster One can read files that contain wavetables in them,” a spokesperson tells us. “SynthMaster One comes complete with a rich wavetable library that can be extended by placing wavetables in its Waveforms folder.”


  • 2 oscillators (OSC 1 and OSC 2) each with sub- oscillators (SUB 1 and SUB 2)
  • 2 filters (FILTER 1 and FILTER 2)
  • 4 ADSR envelopes (MOD ENV 1, AMP ENV 1, AMP ENV 2, and MOD ENV 2)
  • 2 LFOs (LFO 1 and LFO 2)
  • 500 Presets
  • A powerful 16-step arpeggiator/sequencer (each step of which has its own Velocity, Note Number, Note Length, Slide, and Hold parameters, as well as classic and more complex modes)
  • 11 different effect types – Distortion, LoFi, Ensemble, Phaser, 6 Band EQ, Compressor, Vocoder, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo and Reverb –  that can be inserted into six different slots
  • Unison spread options including Detune Curve, Pan Spread, Tone Spread, Phase Spread and Wave Index

Pricing and availability:
SynthMaster One is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats for $79 from the KV331 website. For existing SynthMaster users, crossgrade is available for $29. A 20-minute demo is also available to download from the KV331 site.