Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Released

Tegeler Audio has released the Schwerkraftmaschine, a unique stereo compressor that features flexible emulation modes and can be remote-controlled by a plug-in…


Envisioned by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur founder Michael Krusch, the Schwerkraftmaschine is a real labour of love, one that promises both classic and completely new compression possibilities.


“At Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, we design our products first and foremost with sound and musicality in mind,” says Michael Krusch. “The Schwerkraftmaschine makes the difference between ‘well mixed’ and ‘sounds perfect’.”

Starting as an analog tube signal path of the Vari Tube Compressor, the Schwerkraftmaschine replaces the side chain with a chain that is able to calculate compression and allows it to emulate nearly any type of compressor on sale today. Thanks to the ability to remote control it via plug-in (VST/AU/AAX) all settings can be saved in the DAW, which allows users to have their favourite settings saved in a preset.

The Schwerkraftmaschine also features a variable side-chain filter that functions as lowcut and as tilt-EQ, and can also work as a mixer that blends compressed and uncompressed signals.

The Schwerkraftmaschine is available now for €3,499/$3,599 but is also available for 14 days on the try-before-you-buy program free of charge. For full information head to the Tegeler Audio website.