The AudioHunt Offer Free Remote Audio and MIDI Processing by Experienced Engineers

Our friends at The AudioHunt are encouraging new users to sign up and receive free file processing! Read on for more info…

Official Info

Advertisement—the online marketplace that connects you to experienced engineers and gear owners around the world to have your audio files processed through a huge range of gear—is currently offering free processing to all new members for a limited time only. Sign up now!

The website is an innovative way of monetizing audio equipment to a global music community. It enables members to send audio files to others for remote processing through authentic gear for a small fee.

“We’ve created a really easy way for people to get access to experienced ears and great gear from anywhere in the world,” says founder and fellow mixing engineer Stephen Bartlett.

“We’ve got 100% customer satisfaction on all of our bookings to date, and so we’re offering free processing to all new members to give anyone the chance to hear the difference,” added Bartlett.

Gear on offer for free, to name a few, includes: Distressesor’s, Urie Bluestripe 1176’s, a Manley Vari-Mu and an original Roland Jupiter 8, operated by the experience of the likes of Matthew Gray (Giorgio Moroder, MTNS, Gosling) and Chris Chetland (Scribe, Starboy, Shapeshiter) among others.

To those wondering or debating about the benefits of real gear over the use of digital plugins in comparison to quality, CIO and co-founder James Morrell insists that this misses the point.


“The purpose of is not to advocate for the use of one over the other, it’s simply to give people a choice that didn’t previously exist,” he says.

“You can achieve a great mix in the box and you can get a great mix using outboard gear. What we want to do is connect people to experienced ears, help people find ways to use gear they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to and ultimately empower people to create recorded music in the way they want to,” Morrell added.

Through, anyone can create an account and list their gear or mixing, mastering and production services easily. Music producers, engineers, DJs, bands or anyone else involved in creating music can then place a booking request, send their files and a draft mix, and hear the difference.

Bookings on gear beyond those currently offered free are backed by the website’s satisfaction guarantee.

To hear the difference that can make to your tracks, sign up now and take advantage of the free trial on selected gear. Available for a limited time only.